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2018 25 Hours of Thunderhill-
2018 25 Hours of Thunderhill-

Some of the fun things about endurance racing have to do with the down time... In a perfect world there wouldn't be any, but there are just a lot of things to sort out. New team, new car, new team-...

Thank you for 2017!
Thank you for 2017!

I've been a little negligent about keeping up to date here on my writings... Not due to anything other than allowing the busy nature of things to keep me away from the key pad. There have been a fe...

Pirelli Interviews Derek at Sonoma

I'm used to moving fast. My wife Brooke is a filmmaker. That's her with her trusty camera in hand. I'm a professional race car driver. I've won races in Europe and here in North America. Last season...

The Driver Change Explained
Every Second Counts - The Driver Change Part 1

The driver change is one of the most important components of a Pirelli World Challenge SprintX race. The margin for error is razor thin and you can't leave any time on the table. Sometimes winning or...

Work Out of the Day
Work Out of the Day

Working out is an important part of my day-to-day life. My wife Brooke took up Crossfit about five years ago on a friend’s invitation, and she hasn’t looked back. I joined not long after. We really l...

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