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2018 25 Hours of Thunderhill-


Derek DeBoer

2018 25 Hours of Thunderhill-

Some of the fun things about endurance racing have to do with the down time... In a perfect world there wouldn't be any, but there are just a lot of things to sort out. New team, new car, new team-mates, etc... Rob Nimkoff is a great guy and a familiar face from TRG and of course so is Jason! We've run a few laps so far today and are now battling noise issues- our little beemer is too loud. So that leaves lots of time to focus on how we can razz each other. At our Utah race earlier this year, Jason was talking about his early days in the boy scouts and what a great time of life that was. So of course as Brooke and I were shopping one day, we saw this amazing Cougar Scouts shirt- it was a perfect Jason purchase. I gifted it to him last night and it really looks sharp doesn't it- especially with the Rambo knife he added to the look! Well done Alexandridis! He says he won't remove it all weekend.... We'll see.... So for now, we're not on track and instead I'm blogging from our home away from home- Bigfoot! Oh ya, that's another fun game! Take note of trailer names as you're going down the freeway. There are some doozies! Bigfoot is a good one and very fitting- Bigfoot is one of Brookes favorite topics....


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