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Fastlife is LIVE!

My wife Brooke always tells people to follow their dreams. Luckily, I listened to her 18 years ago., our new web series, launched November 1 and it’s all about what it’s like to be a professional race car driver. I’m nervous, excited and humbled all at the same time to be part of this amazing project.

Brooke’s support from the beginning really is the only reason I’m in a race seat at all. Her passion, drive and push to keep the dream going has always been off the charts. I see her working tirelessly, either behind the camera, with the kids or on the computer editing and I’m thankful she finds some joy and solitude in all of this — it’s all a labor of love for her.  She has me convinced that there are friends, family and fans who are interested and want to see what it is that we do and I don’t think there is another project quite like this online or anywhere else.

I was resistant at first, thinking it would be much easier to just go racing. Brooke stuck to her guns and I think she was right!  Before the push from her, I don’t think I had the courage to chase my dream — not to really chase it, and give it the relentless dedication it needed. I’m so glad I did; we did.

If one person can gain that courage by watching the ups and down of our lives at the race track, on the road and at home, then it will have been very worthwhile putting ourselves out there. A little scary, but worthwhile.


Article Credit: Derek DeBoer

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