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2019 Season Announce...
We're on Amazon!
2018 25 Hours of Thu...
Thank you for 2017!
2019 Season Announce...

2019 Season Announce...

2/4/2019 -
The Racers Group Announces our SRO Motorsports / Pirelli GT4 America 3 Car Campaign Running for Championships in BOTH Classes! Pirelli GT4 America Sp
We're on Amazon!

We're on Amazon!

1/21/2018 -
Well, here's my extremely sporadic blog post update... I really need to get better about writing more regularly! It's definitely not my strong suit
2018 25 Hours of Thu...

2018 25 Hours of Thu...

12/1/2017 -
Some of the fun things about endurance racing have to do with the down time... In a perfect world there wouldn't be any, but there are just a lot of
Thank you for 2017!

Thank you for 2017!

11/23/2017 -
I've been a little negligent about keeping up to date here on my writings... Not due to anything other than allowing the busy nature of things to kee

Videos of Derek DeBoer and Project Motorsports


What's it like to be a race car driver? Go behind the scenes with Derek.

FastLife Teaser

Brooke DeBoer and her production company Chop Chop Media is almost ready to launch a brand new web site dedicated to a behind the scenes look at Derek DeBoer's racing career. FastLife.TV goes live November 1, 2016.

FastFive for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Derek DeBoer lets you in on his FastFive facts heading into a big race weekend at Laguna Seca with the SprintX title on the line.

Why is the #09 RED

The TRG #09 Aston Martin has a new red livery thanks to LaSalle Solutions.

FastLife Mini Episode 1: From There to Here

Derek DeBoer and Jason Alexandridis have traveled an interesting road to get to where they are now.

FastLife Mini Episode 2: Track Walk

TRG-AMR drivers Derek DeBoer, Jason Alexandridis, and Sean Gibbons walk the St. Petersburg Grand Prix track. Two of their wives, Brooke and Maggie join with some colorful commentary.

FastLife Mini Episode 3: St. Petersburg Grand Prix Pre-Race

Derek DeBoer and Jason Alexandridis begin to prepare for the Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Watch and see what keeps them busy on a Wednesday before the race weekend!

FastLife Mini Episode 4: Mason's Letter to Derek

Driver Derek DeBoer reads a letter from Mason Gordon. Derek has been driving in support of Mason's fight against inoperable brain cancer. Mason looks forward to being with Derek at the track soon. Bonus: Derek and Mason's favorite colors are revealed.

#FastFive: Utah Motorsports Campus 2016

In this new series, Derek DeBoer gets his fans up to speed with five quick facts and insider tips before each upcoming race. The first installment sees Derek looking forward to rounds 3 and 4 of the SprintX Championship in Utah.

FastFive - Sonoma Raceway

Derek heads to Sonoma Raceway on a flyaway weekend. Check out his #FastFive facts about this iconic raceway as he gets ready for the last PWC GTS race of the season.

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2019 Season Announce

2019 Season Announce...

The Racers Group Announces our SRO Motorsports / Pirelli GT4 America 3 Car Campaign Running for...more